Quote-leftInterior home spaces need not shout out big money and over-opulences, it's all about subtle elements intelligently placed to highlights areas while bringing to the fore the owner's personality and taste.Quote-right
Quote-leftYour must-have list should include a well-made sofa, a good quality rug, a mattress - ideally with an upholstered headboard, a generous dining table and a sparkling chandelier.Quote-right
Quote-leftAlways opt for minimalistic ideas that discourage clutter. Use lighter shades to make spaces appear larger and make the most of whatever natural light sources you have.Quote-right
Quote-leftI want the flagship stores to be the destination that caters to anything connected with design, homes and interiors.Quote-right


It began at home, like it does with all great things.

I was redecorating my own home, and other related projects, when people started approaching me to design their properties as well. I took the plunge as a hobby, and before I knew it, it turned into a life-long, fulfilling profession for me.

Gauri Khan Designs has been the culmination of a long-standing passion for Interior Design. It came together in less than three months, and it has now been an exciting six years since I undertook this journey.

Each and every piece – right from the lighting to the curios to the furnishings – has been carefully hand-picked, and passed through the fine sieve that is my design sensibility and aesthetic. I have had the great opportunity to travel around the world, and it has onlyexpanded my understanding of diversity in concepts – so, whether it is moods, seasons,colours, or conversations, my exposure over time has helped develop my lens through which I assess objects, rooms, and spaces.

A result of young and creative energies coming together, you are set to experience a range of curated pieces in the plane of flooring, décor, accessories, and rugs, as well as the occasional features from Paris and New York.

This project is immensely close to my heart, and is my platform to realise my passion with those who seek the one-offs, and unique concepts in Interior Design. The space is an eclectic mix of custom, and select designer pieces, ranging from antique to the contemporary, and includes a few designs by me.

I look forward to sharing this passion with you!



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